Welcome to the Demonstration Space of our Enterprise Apps for Confluence!

With our BPMN Modeler and DMN Modeler for Confluence you can model your business processes and decision requirement diagrams directly within Confluence: transparent, collaborative and easy to understand.

With the Managed Data Fields App for Confluence Data Center, you can attach and analyze structured data fields on Confluence pages or process models.

Our philosophy is as simple as important: we want everyone involved in processes and decisions to be able to access their documentation, and to keep it alive and up-to-date.

The BPMN and DMN apps are available for Confluence Server, Data Center and Cloud! smiling face with heart-eyes 

Use your free 30 day trial at the Atlassian Marketplace! star star star star 

How to use this Demonstration Site?

We created a typical showcase for you at Showcase Insurance Company, to see how you can do professional business process and decision requirement management with our apps directly within Confluence. 

You can look around and get some inspiration for you own projects.

Additionally, you can create you own page in the Public Testing Space. There you can create and edit diagrams and try out all the features of our apps!

Please be aware that these pages are publicly available and object to deletion without any notice. Please do not upload any sensitive or inappropriate data.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our app? Then please contact us! Contact to viadee.

Try our Plugins!

DMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence - Modeling DMN Decisions made easy

BPMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence - organization-wide management of business processes directly in Confluence

Managed Data Fields - Define, fill and analyze structured Data Fields on Confluence Pages

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